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Girls Birthday Ideas during Covid

Covid has certainly changed the way we celebrate birthdays, weddings, engagements, etc. It just means that we have to get creative on how we celebrate. I’ve come up with a list of Girls Birthday Themes and Ideas to help you celebrate your little one even while living the quarantine life.

  1. Unicorn Theme: unicorns are all the rage for young girls right now. The girls love the colors and the magic of a unicorn. You can put together a party box with all sorts of Unicorn themed activities for a virtual party. This does require you dropping off the party box ahead of time. You can find unicorn bracelet making packages on Etsy. Along with Unicorn Bingo. All things the girls can do online together. For a little something extra for the girls you can give them all unicorn pens or pencils and even unicorn sunglasses. Throw in some snacks and everyone has the same thing during the virtual party! I used this link for Ady’s birthday.

Here’s a few things included in the party box for Ady’s unicorn themed party.

2. Sewing party: find a local sewing studio and get sewing kits for all the girls attending. This is something you’d also have to drop off ahead of time but makes it fun for everyone to be doing the same thing. It can be something simple like learning to sew an apron. What’s nice is that the girls can use it afterwards. As usual throw in some snacks so everyone’s got the same thing and it can feel like they’re all together.

3. Slime Party: send everyone all the ingredients they need to make slime! All kids love playing with slime and it’s even more fun when they can make it themselves. You can do glow in the dark slime, glittery slime. There are a lot of options when it comes to slime. You can even send your guests a list of the ingredients they’ll need since most households may already have the necessary items.

4. Drawing Party: if your little one is into drawing there are YouTube videos that tell you and show you how you to draw certain things, like animals and even characters from a show. My daughter loves the draw so cute videos on YouTube. nice thing is most households May already have everything they’ll need.

5. Baking party: can be something as simple as baking cookies together or making breakfast. This can be done virtually or in person! Find a local culinary kitchen that offers baking parties and you and your friends can meet safely and bake some treats.

6. Dance Party: have a virtual dance party! Who doesn’t like dancing? Pick out your favorite songs ahead of time and boogie on down! You can even do a dancing competition to see who had the best moves.

7. Movie Party: host a virtual movie night! Everyone can watch the same movie at the same time. You can use the website scener, to host and watch the movie. The website syncs the movie so everyone is watching at the same time and there’s a group chat room!

Whatever your celebrating and how just find a way to do it safely and fun!

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