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As a mother I always try and share things I enjoyed from my childhood with my kids. It can be anything from traditions I shared with my family growing up, music, food, movies, etc. As long as my husband and I believe it’s age appropriate we share it with our kids. This past year I introduced my daughter to the Cheetah girls and she loved it! I mean she watched all 3 movies within a matter of days and was singing the songs and dancing. She was asking my husband and I to buy her all sorts of cheetah clothes. So when her 6th Birthday came around I knew it had to be a cheetah girl theme!

I googled and searched Pinterest but there wasn’t a lot of cheetah girls items. Could be because it was popular back in 2003. 😂😂 Unfortunately, a lot of the images that kept popping up were for a 1 year old birthday. So the creative party planner I am, I created my own cheetah girl theme party. Below I’m sharing what I did to throw my daughter a Cheetahlicious 6th Birthday party!

For this Cheetahlicious party we invited my daughter's friends over to watch "The Cheetah Girls." During the movie the kids snacked on popcorn and drank water. I didn't do sweets or any other food item, as her party was from 2pm to 4pm, right in between lunch and dinner and after the movie we had cake! Once the movie was done, all the girls made their own Cheetah bracelet with their name, so they could all leave with a little piece of Cheetah. If it we're up to my daughter we would've given them all Cheetah shirts in different colors.

For decoration, I kept it simple as the kids would be focused on the movie. I purchased card stock paper at Michael's along with gold letters and created my own "Happy Birthday Banner." I also purchased a cheetah ribbon and wrapped it around a pole that's in the basement.

Check out the pictures below of the favors, decor, cake and more!

Invites: I searched cheetah theme invites on Etsy till I found one that I absolutely loved and used this to set the color scheme for the party; black, gold and beige. Click on the picture for the link.

Favors: I love practical favors and things that can be used again and again. I also like giving more than one thing as a favor because I think it’s a great way to say thank you to your guests.

Lip balm ~ I ordered off of amazon and the link is below. The sticker came separately and I wrapped it around the lip balm and put a little glue to make sure it stayed.

Etsy hair ties ~ I thought a Cheetah print hair tie would be a great favor to throw in the goody bag, because who doesn't need a hair tie. Link is in the picture.

Notepads ~ I thought Notepads was a great favor because my daughter loves writing little notes, shes even writing her own songs sometimes. I figured if she's practicing her writing in notebooks than most of her friends are doing the same and if not they can use it to color.

For the girls to make their bracelets, I purchased Elastic cord bead landing from Michael's and ordered cheetah beads from Etsy and letter beads from amazon. For the link for the Etsy beads click on the photo.

Have a Cheetahlicious Day!

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Feb 01, 2019

Thank you!! I love leaving a lasting impression.


Feb 01, 2019

So well thought out. You did an awesome job. Love the goody bag and the cake was so cute with that print. Simple touches leaving lasting impressions!

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