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8 Party Planning Tips

Throwing a party and don't know where to begin? How much food should i have? What color scheme should I do? It can all seem a bit overwhelming but if you break it down into steps it's not half bad and can be really enjoyable!

Here are my 8 Tips for throwing any Party and having a good time!

1. Picking a color Scheme: I'm a firm believer that every party should have a color scheme. It can be 2 to 4 colors or as many as you want. But the more colors you choose the more chaotic/disorganized it can look. Sticking to 2 to 4 colors allows the decor to look clean, fun and presentable at the same time.

2. Guests: writing out your guest list let's you know how many people you need invitations for, food and favors.

3. Selecting Invites: Now that you've chosen your color scheme you want to incorporate that into your invitation. The type of invitation you choose is important as well because it let's your guest now how upscale or relaxed your party will be. I'm a firm believer that the invitation sets the tone for your party/event.

4. Decor, Decor, Decor: how much or how little? that is a question you'll have to answer. Depending on the type of party you can do very elaborate centerpieces or something simpler, maybe a banner, or draping, or a photo booth. Decor also depends on the space your dealing with. If it's an outdoor party maybe your decor is a little less but if you've rented a function hall you'll probably do something more grand.

Wedding Shower Decor at a Function Hall

Outdoor 1st Birthday Party for my Son - Decor


5. Sweet Treats: though not always necessary it does look great to have a sweet table in your color scheme! It can even be seen as decor. You can go big on the sweets if you know people will actually eat it or smaller. Behind the sweet table you can have a backdrop if you so choose something that goes with your theme but doesn't blend in too much color wise. You would want this piece to stand out. Some options are balloons or initials.

Candy buffet at a Bridal Shower I decorated

6. Favors: To give or not to give. Favors don't have to be something expensive or lavish. It can be simple and useful. Have you ever been to a wedding or child's party and have no idea what to do with the favors afterwards? I try to avoid that. If you have a really large sweet table you can simply have that be your favors. You can jazz it up with the gift box or treat bag you give out by putting a label on it that says thank you or even the date and or initials of the guest of honor. If you're throwing a kids party or wedding you can give something that relates to the theme but will be useful not just cute. For example, I threw my son a Nautical theme Birthday and gave out beach buckets that the children could use at the beach or even at home. Simple enough and useful! You can give away 1 thing or a few. I tend to give away a few items in a favor bag or box. It's all up to you and your creativity.

7. Serveware: I think this all depends on your theme and the type of party and what look or feel you're going for. When throwing parties for my kids I go with cheap utensils that match the color scheme and disposable Serveware. When I planned my husbands graduation party I went with disposable Serveware but what I picked out looked like fancy China because that's the look I was going for.

8. Food mhmmm...yum: one of my favorite parts!! When planning a kids party, if hosting it at a venue, i try to avoid the easy go! But let's be honest, kids love pizza!!, so why not give them what they want and it's so easy! However, I also try and have a deli platter for the few who don't want pizza and for the parents as well. Another thing I've done as food when the party was held between lunch and dinner, I had a lot of my daughter's favorite snacks in a box for each kid. Food doesn't have to be difficult just go with whatever tastes good!

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