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Banana Bread

I’ve never really been a fan of banana bread, that is until I found this recipe on Pinterest! I‘ve made this a few times now for my family and they love it!! It’s nice and moist, not dry like some of the other recipes I’ve tried in the past. The best part is it’s simple and doesn’t take long to put together! It calls for walnuts but I’ve never used them but if you like walnuts you can.

I’ve included pictures of what my bananas looked like when I made mine as the recipe doesn’t say how ripe your banana should be. I also included a picture of the sugar I used as the recipe doesn’t say brown sugar or white sugar. I prefer brown and that’s what we primarily use in our house.

I also like to add a little vanilla extract to almost anything I’m baking whether it calls for it or not! Because I think vanilla extract makes any baked good taste even better! I baked mine for 55 minutes because the center took a little longer to bake but it gave the edges a nice little crunch to them and the color is perfect!

Check out the pictures and the link below and if you try the recipe, please share some pics with me!


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