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Surviving a Flight with young Children

This past April my husband and I took a trip to Florida with our kids. If you’re new to my blog, my daughter is 6 and my son is 3, at the time he was 2 1/2. This was their first time flying, so of course my husband and I were nervous and also wanted to make sure they’d be entertained for the entire flight. I asked around to friends on Instagram who have flown before with their kids and got some great tips and advice. Below is my list of things to keep your little ones entertained on a flight and survive!

1. Little Backpacks: my daughter had several to choose from but for my son we got him a paw patrol one on amazon. Why the backpacks? This way they each had their own belongings in their own bag in front of their feet and my husband and I could easily reach for it and grab a toy or snack for them. Plus they really felt like they were traveling since they had their own carry on bag and then Mom and Dad’s isn’t weighed down by all the toys.

2. Coloring books & Crayons: Our kids have several of these so we grabbed one of the ones they already owned and put in their backpack. When they were tired of movies they colored. You can’t color without crayons. They each had their own crayon box in their bag with several different colors. So there was no fighting over who had what color or who took whose crayon.

3. Snacks/Lunch: This was an Instagram tip. I wouldn’t have thought about packing lunch but the snacks are a must because my kids are snackers. As I’m sure most kids are. So I packed their favorite snacks for them and a lunch in case we were delayed. Which I placed in their backpacks.

4. iPads/Tablets: we are blessed to have one of each so we made sure they were fully charged the night before our flights. We also downloaded 1 movie to each device ahead of time. So the kids could swap devices and watch a different movie.

5. Headphones: we purchased headphones ahead of our trip so the kids could use with the iPad/tablet but also to use with the tv on the plane. The headphones also helped with their ears blocking with take off and landing.

6. Interactive books: since my son is a toddler and we have interactive books that he can press buttons and “read” along with, we packed one for him. And only brought it out once.

7. Lollipops: this was an Instagram tip and I was so thankful! One of my followers suggested bringing lollipops for the kids to suck on while taking off, to help with their ears popping. Of course my kids didn’t mind eating a lollipop at 9am in the morning. But honestly this was a huge life saver! The kids did not complain about their ears at all. I also gave them one when landing because of the decline in altitude and pressure changing.

We survived our 3 hour flight to and from Florida and the kids can’t wait to go on another airplane! Hope this helps you on your future trips with your kids.

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