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No Judgement Here

I'm sitting in the waiting room watching my daughter in the pool in her swim class, and there’s a mother in front of me with her 3 year old daughter beside her. The mother is well dressed in her business casual outfit and they’re watching her son in the pool. Mom more than likely came right from work as had I. As I look on the little girl is eating McDonald’s for dinner with her mother, and a smile comes on my face. In that moment I smiled because I’ve had days like that, days where there’s too much going on, too much to do and you have to resort to fast food for dinner.

In the past I’ve beaten myself up about having to give my kids fast food or have felt judged by other parents. As women and mothers sometimes we’re too hard on each other, too judgmental. I passed no judgement in that moment on that mother, except for assuming she came straight from work. What I did was admire her and her daughter sharing a meal together. That mother was making the time to spend with her daughter, who cares if it was over nuggets and french fries! It made me think about my children and how happy they are just to have and share a moment with mom or dad and not worry about what other people might think or say. As cheesy as it sounds, “Judgment free is the way to be!”

Too often I think we get lost in judging others or passing judgement on others without fully knowing their story or situation. I'm guilty of it too. But with a little mindfulness of our own situations, stories and life we can all do better and not pass judgement on others and live a judgement free life!

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